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Personal History

Personal History

President Kimball 1980

“I promise you that if you will keep your journals and records, they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to your families, to your children, your grandchildren, and others, on through the generations.  Each of us is important to those who are new and dear to us and as our posterity read of our life’s experiences, they, too, will come to know and love us.  And in that glorious day when our families are together in the eternities, we will already be acquainted.”

CHILDHOOD HOME –INSIDE DESCRIPTION  Location. Describe the first childhood home you remember – frame or brick — how many rooms – two story — indoor or outdoor bathroom – how was home heated?   Describe each room as you remember it. What kind of furniture was in the living room? Radio or TV? Piano? Did the family gather there in the evenings? Describe the kitchen. Where did the family eat? Where did you eat when company came? What did your bedroom look like? Did you share it or did you have your own bed?  Which was your favorite room and why? Describe your favorite piece of furniture. Do you have in your home today any furniture that came from your childhood home? Did you have a telephone? Describe. Were you on a party line?
CHILDHOOD HOME – OUTDOOR SURROUNDINGS   Did you have a yard? Was there a lawn, trees, swings, flowers, vegetable garden, orchard? How much property did you have? What other buildings were on the property? Did you have farm animals?  What did the neighborhood look like? What kind of houses or buildings were in the neighborhood? Where did you shop? Describe the stores. How big was the town you lived in? Did you travel to a bigger town to shop?
PARENTS  Full names, birthdates and place of birth, death dates and causes of death and place where they are buried. Describe mother and father physically, short or tall, thin or heavy, color of hair and eyes. Did they have any unusual features in their appearance? What kind of temperament did they have, easy going or tense, quick to anger, full of humor etc. What was your father’s role in the home as your grew up? How did he earn his living? Did he actively participate in family life or was he passive? What was your mother’s role in the home? Did she work outside the home? Who was the disciplinarian? Describe some interactions with each parent that you remember in your early childhood.
BROTHERS AND SISTERS   Full names, birthdates, and place of birth, death dates, place of death, cause of death and where they are buried. Which is your place in the family: oldest child, youngest etc.? How did your place in the birth order affect you? Are you more responsible, spoiled, are you still treated as the dependable older sister or as the baby of the family? Describe your relationship with each brother and sister. Are you closer to some than others? Who was your special playmate as you grew up? Do you have a special relationship with an older or younger sibling? Were there any handicapped children in your family? If so, what lessons did you learn from your relationship with this child? Describe special memories you have of your brothers and sisters.
EXTENDED FAMILY  Full names, birthdates and places, death dates and place they are buried of each of your paternal and maternal grandparents. Describe some memories do you have of your grandparents? Were they stern or full of fun? Did they speak a foreign language and did you learn any of the language? What kind of clothing did your grandmothers wear? Location and brief description of your grandparents home. Did you enjoy visiting them? Do you remember your grandparents for something special – cookies or another particular food, outings, a special play place etc.? Did a grandparent live in your home as you were growing up? If so, what did you learn from that experience? Do you have furniture, old photographs or other objects in your home that were once in your grandparents’ home? Describe. Were there cousins that were close playmates? What activities did you do with your cousins — sleepovers, vacations etc.? Did you have favorite aunts and uncles? Did you have a step—mother or father? What were your feelings about them and was your relationship close? Did you have step brothers and sisters and did you enjoy your association with them.
CHURCH EXPERIENCES AGE BIRTH TO TWELVE   Blessing – when, where, by whom. Were there unusual circumstances about your blessing? Did you wear heirloom clothing? When, where and by whom were you baptized and confirmed? Describe what you remember about the events.   Where did you attend church meetings – church, school, home, rented halt etc.? Were there unusual circumstances about your meetings? Was the gospel practiced in an active way in your home — family prayers, scripture study, fathers blessings etc.? How did your family feel about the church? Did you have any temple experiences as a child? Did you go to a temple to be sealed to your parents or attend any temple dedications? Describe some of the changes that have occurred in Primary and Sunday School since your childhood – names of Primary classes, Primary penny march, Primary held after school, dime Sunday, 2 1/2 minute talks, Sacrament gems, Sacrament during Sunday School etc. If you converted to the church at an older age, describe your religious training as a child. Which church did you attend? Was religion actively practiced in your home?
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GRADES KINDERGARTEN THROUGH SIX   Names and locations of elementary schools you attended. Was the building large or small, approximately how many classrooms and students? List names of teachers if you remember them. Did you have the same teacher all day, or change to several teachers? Were there special music and physical education teachers? Who was your favorite teacher and why? Which was your favorite subject and which subject did you do best in? Did you eat hot lunch in the school cafeteria, eat a sack lunch or go home? Did you have a special lunchbox? Did you walk to school, take a school bus or car pool? What kind of clothing did you wear to school — dresses, pants, uniforms, long woolen stockings, heavy galoshes? Describe some of the memories you have of each grade. What were the special events you remember — plays, dance festivals, field trips, musical programs, spelling bees, sporting events, field day, fist fights etc.
RECREATION, FRIENDS AND PETS   What were the names of your best childhood friends and how near did they live? What memories do you have of these friends? Where are these people now, do you still keep in touch with them? Describe some of the games and activities you enjoyed — kick the can, hopscotch, cops and robbers, crack the whip, fox and geese, marbles etc. What were some of your favorite sayings, jump-the-rope rhymes, ditties, poems, songs? Did you have your own bike? How did you spend Saturdays? Did you attend Saturday movies? What were your favorite radio programs? What were your favorite TV shows if you are young enough to have had TV? What kind of clothes did you wear to play? Did you go barefoot? Describe your pets — dogs, cats, turtles, rabbits etc. What memories do you have of these pets?
HOLIDAYS   Did you have a Christmas tree? Describe the decorations. Did you decorate your home in addition to a tree? Do you use any of these decorations in your home today? What were the Christmas traditions in your family? How did you spend Christmas eve? Did you celebrate with big family parties, religious observances, sing carols, visit friends and relatives? When were gifts opened and were they opened all together as a family? Were the gifts wrapped? Did you hang a stocking and what was put in it? Did you believe in Santa Claus? Were there special foods you always ate at Christmas? Was a big dinner a tradition? Did your mother bake fruitcake, dip chocolates etc.? Did you earn your own money to buy gifts? Describe some of the gifts you remember giving to others. What was the most memorable Christmas you remember and why? What was the most favorite gift you received as a child? Did your family do some kinds of charitable activities at Christmas? How was your birthday celebrated? Did you have a cake, invite friends to parties, special dinners etc.? How did you observe the Fourth and Twenty-fourth of July – parades, fireworks, picnics? Describe Easter. Did you have an Easter basket, new clothes etc.? How was Thanksgiving spent? What was the menu for dinner and was it a big family gathering?
SPECIAL EVENTS OF CHILDHOOD   Did you move to a new home during your childhood? Describe each home. What were the circumstances that make your family move? How did you feel about the move? Describe trips with your family? Did you ever travel on an airplane, train or bus? What was the longest distance from home you traveled as a child? What are the special things you did with your family — picnics. boating, skiing, fishing etc.? Did you take camping trips, attend family reunions? Do you have memories of trips to the doctor and dentist?  Describe the first permanent you had in your hair. Did you have any daring escapades? Describe.
ALL ABOUT YOU AS A CHILD   When and where were you born? What were the circumstances you have heard about your birth? Were you a healthy baby, any birth defects or health problems you had to overcome. Describe yourself physically, small or tall for your age, fat, thin, color of hair and eyes. Did you have freckles? How did you wear your hair? Did you wear glasses? Describe your temperament — shy, outgoing, active, passive, show displays of temper, spoiled etc. What worries or fears did you have as a child? What childhood diseases and other illnesses did you have? Describe accidents, broken bones, tonsillectomies, operations that occurred during your childhood and what circumstances surrounded them. Did you spend time in a hospital? Did you have braces on your teeth? How did you learn responsibility? What were your jobs around the house? Did you have an allowance? What were the kinds of things you did as a child that caused you to be punished and how were you punished? Did you have a nickname and how did you get it?
TALENTS. HOBBIES. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES   Did you take music lessons, which instruments, who was your teacher and how long did you practice each day? Did you practice willingly or were you made to practice? Did you take other lessons such as dancing, tennis, swimming? What activities did you participate in as a child – Brownies, Campfire girls, 4H activities, summer camps? Describe your first experiences cooking, sewing, embroidering, knitting etc. Did you learn these things from your mother? Did you earn some of your own money babysitting or in other ways?
FAMILY LIFE DURING CHILDHOOD What was the climate of your home — authoritarian, permissive, strict, happy, sad etc? Describe your family’s financial condition during your childhood — rich, poor, poor but you didn’t know it? What did your family do for fun? What was the social climate of your family? Did you have guests of ten? What difficulties did your family have to deal with during your childhood — deaths, divorce, financial setbacks? If you were a child during World War I, the Depression or World War II, what do you remember about these times? Describe your happiest, most exciting memory of your childhood and describe the worst memory of your childhood.
JUNIOR HIGH OR MIDDLE SCHOOL  Name and location of the junior high school you attended. Describe the building inside and out. Approximately how large was the student body?  What courses did you take? Describe some of your classes. Did you take cooking, sewing, gym? Describe your gym suit. Which were your favorite classes and why? Who were your most memorable teachers? Why do they stand out In your memory? Describe special activities you enjoyed – sports, clubs, dramas, music etc. Did you have a graduation ceremony?
HIGH SCHOOL   Name the location of the high school you attended. Describe size and physical facility. What course of study did you pursue? Tell about some of the classes you particularly remember. Were you a serious student or a laid back student? What were the special activities you participated in – clubs, pep club, choirs, operettas, dramas, sports etc. Describe special memories. Were you elected to a student office? Did you receive any special recognition, scholarships or other awards? Describe your high school graduation. Where, what did you wear, how did you celebrate after the ceremonies?
FRIENDS AND ACTIVITIES TEEN YEARS   Who were your close friends during your teen years? What did you do for fun after school and on weekends? Did you participate in any daring escapades? Did you have a part-time job to earn some of your own money? How did you use your money – spend it all on clothes, save for college, buy a car etc? What were the clothing fads you wore – pegged skirts, sack dresses, rolled up blue jeans, charm bracelets, saddle oxfords, circle skirts, platform shoes, mini skirts etc. How did you wear your hair? Did you wear make-up? When did you get your first high heels? What special music or other lessons did you take during this time? How did you use your talents – for performing or for your own enjoyment?
RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES DURING TEEN YEARS   Name of ward and stake. Did you attend church regularly and was the gospel practiced actively in your home? Describe the Mutual or Young Women’s activities – names of classes. Were you an honor bee or a golden gleaner? Did you participate in girls sports? What are some of the special memories you have – dinners, gold and green balls, road shows, summer camp, Friday night ward shows etc? Did you have church callings as a teenager – teaching, playing the organ or piano, officer in your classes? Did you have temple experiences – baptism for the dead, temple dedications? Was early morning or released time seminary part of your high school experience? Where was seminary held and what memories do you have of classes or special teachers that influenced you, dances or other activities? Describe seminary graduation? At what, age did your testimony begin t. develop? Were there people or events that strengthened your testimony? Did you read the scriptures regularly as a teenager?
SPECIAL EVENTS OF ADOLESCENCE  When did you learn to drive a car?  How old were you and who taught you?  Were there funny incidents that happened while you were learning? Describe the family cars you remember. Tell about some of the trips you took with your family. Describe some of the family activities you particularly enjoyed. Were there special projects or experiences you participated in during these years — talent or beauty contests, state or national competitions. What were some of the world events that took place while you were a teenager?
DATING AND ROMANCES (Do not include courtship with husband)   When, where and with whom was your First date? How old were you and do you remember what you wore? What kinds or activities did you do on dates? Did you go in cars, ride the bus or walk? Did you double date or have blind dates? Tell about some of the most memorable evenings — proms, girls choice dances, special dinners, football games etc. Were you given corsages? Where did you go to dance and who were your favorite bands or groups? What kind of clothing did you wear for dates? Describe your most loved dresses. Describe the absolutely worst date you can remember. What made It the worst? What qualities did you most like in your dates?
POST HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION   Name and location of the institution you attended after high school – university – business college — technical college, etc. How many years did you attend and what course of study or major did you pursue? Describe some of the classes you particularly enjoyed. Were there instructors that influenced your life either for good or bad? What were the factors that helped you decide on your career choice – example of parents – influence of peers – expected income – working conditions, etc.? How did you pay for your schooling – scholarships – earned your own expenses – parental support – support. from spouse? Describe some of the events you remember – special speakers, concerts, athletic events, pep rallies, dances. Did you participate in student government, clubs, sororities, etc.? Were you elected to honor societies or did you receive special recognitions? Did you graduate? Describe your graduation ceremonies. Did you attend Institute of Religion classes during this time? How did these classes influence your life?
COURTSHIP WITH HUSBAND When, where and how did you meet your future husband? What was your first impression of him? Describe your first date. Was there an immediate attraction? Did your relationship grow slowly from friendship into love or was it love at first sight”? Tell about some of the special, wonderful dates you remember. Did your future husband have money to spend on dates or did you plan dates that involved spending very little money? Was your relationship stable and easy or did you argue and quarrel? How did your first impressions change as you became better acquainted? What qualities did your future husband have that you most appreciated? What were some of the serious differences between you — different religions or intensity of feeling about religion – different cultural backgrounds – different philosophies about family life and child rearing, etc.? Describe your marriage proposal. Did he propose or did you? Did he give you an engagement ring? How many months or years did you date before becoming engaged and how long were you engaged before marriage? Would you change any thing about your courtship with your husband if you could repeat that period of  life.
WEDDING DAY AND HONEYMOON When, where and by whom were you married? What time of day were you married and what was the weather like? Describe what you remember about the marriage ceremony. Did you have a wedding gown? Describe the style and fabric. Did you purchase it or was it homemade? Describe your veil. Did you wear heirloom clothing? If you married in the temple did you wear your wedding gown or wear another special dress for the ceremony? Did you have a wedding breakfast or a rehearsal dinner? When and where and what was the menu. Who were some or the guests? Did you have a reception or party after the ceremony? If there were bridesmaids, who were they and what did they wear? What was the color scheme and how was the reception room decorated? What did you serve for refreshments? Describe your wedding cake. What were your favorite gifts? Was it the custom to register your china and silver? Did anything funny or dreadful happen on your wedding day? Did you “cold feet” at the last minute? Did you have a honeymoon, if so, where did you go and for how long? Describe fun and special events of your honeymoon. If you and your husband were sealed in a temple at a later time, describe that experience. When, where and by whom were you sealed? Were children sealed to you? Write about your feelings on that day.
EARLY YEARS OF MARRIAGE Description and address of your first apartment or home. Do you remember how much you paid for rent? How much furniture did you have and was it a cast off from your parents or borrowed? Did you or your husband attend college or some other kind of schooling after marriage? How did you support yourselves – student loans, parental support, or were you the major means of support? What was your income and how did you make your budget stretch? Did you live in student housing? Did you and your husband spend time in military service? When and where did you live? Describe memorable experiences during this time. Describe some of your homemaking failures and successes during these early years. What memorable meals do you remember. What were some of your biggest and funniest housekeeping, cooking, sewing or budgeting errors? Describe the first car you bought together. How did you pay for it? What were the major adjustments you and your husband had to make as ‘you learned to live together? Do your remember your first quarrel, what was it over and how did you resolve the problem? What was the best thing that happened to you early in your marriage to unify you as a couple? Did you move away from your parents so you had to depend only on each other?
CHILDREN (Repeat for each child) When and where were each or your children born? Describe how you felt when you first realized you were expecting a baby – excited and happy, frightened, worried about finances or space, etc. What preparations did you make for the baby such as decorating a nursery or sewing? Were there unusual or funny events during the pregnancy? Were there any serious medical problems with either the pregnancy or the birth? Did your husband witness the birth? Describe the emotions you felt with the birth of each child? What inadequacies did you feel as a new mother? Were you frightened? Tell about funny or scary experiences you had in the first days and weeks of your child’s life. Describe each child’s personality traits. What traits made them easy to care for and what were their difficult traits?
RELIGIOUS EXPRIENCES  When, where and by whom did you receive your patriarchal blessing? How has this blessing been a guide in your life? Do you read your blessing often? When and where did you receive your endowments? Describe the emotions you felt at this time. Write about some or all of the church callings you have held. Which callings were the most rewarding? Which callings were the most difficult arid which made you grow the most? Have there been times when you felt particularly inspired in your calling? When in your life has your testimony been very strong and when has your testimony weakened? II you converted to the church as an adult, describe your conversion. Who taught you the gospel — missionaries, friends, others? How did you know the gospel was true? When, where and by whom were you baptized?.. Has the church provided you with most of your social and recreational activities? Describe events you remember – ward dinners and parties, family camp—outs, cultural programs, sports programs, etc.
FULL-TIME MISSION EXPERIENCE  When, where and length of time of your mission. When and how did you make the decision to serve a mission? Were there incidents or people who influenced your decision? Describe your feelings when your call arrived. Describe the training you received prior to leaving – MTC, a few days in the old mission home, or no training. If you had to learn a foreign language, how did you learn and did you become fluent quickly and easily?  Tell about some of the highlights of your mission – inspirational experiences, difficult times, people you particularly learned to love. How has your mission influenced the rest of your life?
EMPLOYMENT   What was the first full time job you held after your schooling? Did you find a job in your major field of study? What was your salary and how did you spend your money – on clothes, buy a car, support yourself in your own apartment? Describe other jobs you have held during your adult life. What was the reason for the change in employment – bigger salary, better hours or working conditions, moving to a new location, the arrival of children, etc? What kind of a savings program have you had? Have you ever been fired from a job? What was the reason and what did, you learn from the experience? Have you been employed since you have had children? Have you worked because you want to or because you have really needed the salary? What do you feel are the advantages and the disadvantages of a mother working? What are some of the ways you have managed to balance home and family and your employment?
RECREATION  What kind of activities has your family done for fun – camping out, picnics, boating, swimming or other sports, singing together, etc. Write about some of the special times you have had. Do you own a vacation home. Describe. Did you build it as a family project? Tell about some of the family vacations you have taken. What were the funny or difficult things that have happened on vacation? Have you and your husband continued to have dates or some time alone together often? What kind of activities do you enjoy doing together? Describe vacations you and your husband have taken together without the children. Who took care of your family while you were gone? Do you feel time with your husband alone has helped unify you as a couple? What was your most memorable trip and why?
FAMILY ACTIVITIES AND EXPERIENCES   Description and location of the homes you have lived in through the years. When did you buy your first home? Cost and how did you finance it? Have you maintained a vegetable garden as a family and done your own home canning and freezing? Have you redone your home with “do it yourself” projects? What have been some of your funny errors? What are some of the accomplishments you have enjoyed as a family? Have you had family pets? Names and type of pet. Were your pets considered part of the family and showered with love? Tell about experiences with your pets.  Describe how your family celebrates Christmas. What are some of the family rituals and traditions? What traditions have you kept in your family that came from yours and your husbands childhoods? What new traditions have you started? How do you celebrate birthdays and other holidays?
HOBBIES AND TALENTS   What talents have your pursued and tried to improve through your adult life? Have you tried to continue using the talents and skills you developed as a young person? Have you taken music or art lessons? Describe. What kind of adult education classes have you enrolled in through the years? Have you gone back to college to graduate or to pursue a graduate degree? What books and magazines have you enjoyed reading? Who are your favorite authors, musicians and artists? Do you enjoy poetry, classical music, operas, ballets, plays, pop concerts, jazz, etc? Describe some of these events that you have particularly loved. Have you done community service through the years? Describe. What are your hobbies — genealogy, music, writing, art work, cooking, sewing, gardening, etc.? How have you found time to pursue your hobbies and interests? What advice would you give to your children and grandchildren about the im3ortance of staying interested and involved in the world?
MOST DIFFICULT EXPERIENCES   What is the most difficult experience or experiences you have had to deal with in life – death of your spouse or a child, divorce, severe health problems, severe financial problems, wrongful behavior of children, your own behavior, etc. What kind of strength did you find to help you cope with these problems – prayer, strong testimony, friends, family? How have these experiences strengthened you? Describe the experiences you have had with grief caused by a loved one’s death. What emotions did you feel – anger, frustration, relief, loneliness, etc. What are the things that helped you overcome your grief? What are the major health problems you have had to deal with in your life? Describe. Have you had the experience of caring for elderly parents? Did they live in your home? How has the experience increased your compassion and understanding of the elderly? Is there advice you would give your children about your own care as you get older? Have you had to care for an ill or handicapped child? What lessons have you learned from this experience?
HAPPIEST EXPERIENCES   Describe the happy and excited feelings you had when you knew you were going to be a grandmother. Write about each grandchild and how that child is special to you. Describe several of the happiest days in your lire? What made them the happiest? What do you consider to be your most important achievement? What tings have given you the most pleasure or satisfaction? What do you consider to be your best and your worst personal trait?
CHANGES   Describe important changes you have witnessed in the church – – death of prophets – worldwide expansion of the church – changes in the Relief Society – Church publications – expansion of temple building – genealogy – budget from tithing fund – refinancing of missions, etc. Describe important events you have witnessed in the world – men on the moon – World War I or H – other wars – the depression – death or assassinations of presidents – unification of Germany, etc. Describe some of the inventions and household conveniences you have seen come into use – automobiles – airplanes – helicopters – rockets – satellites — frozen food — cake mixes – plastics – automatic washers – TV – VCR – compact discs – transistors – microwave ovens — message recorders – computers – video cameras – remote controls, etc. Describe some of the medical marvels you have witnessed — antibiotics — polio and other vaccines — contact lens and hearing aids – heart and other organ transplants – ultra-sounds – laser technology – saving the life of very premature babies — fetal surgery, etc. What events or trends have disturbed you most in your lifetime – the sexual revolution – abortion — women’s rights – homosexual rights – AIDS – increased crime etc.? What trends do you fear most in regards to your descendents?
FINAL WORDS   What would you like your family to know about answers to prayers? Share some of your experiences with prayer that you hope would benefit your children and grandchildren.  How have you achieved inner peace and tranquility? What personal trait do you admire most and why? How would you like to be remembered? What traits would you most like to see your family develop? If you had your life to live over again, what would you do differently? What is the most important lesson, message or advice you’ve learned that you would like to pass on to your family? Write your testimony and your feelings about the Gospel for your descendants.
140 Great Date Ideas

140 Great Date Ideas

It’s Date Night!  Here is my list that I have added to for years.  

1. Bake cookies

2. Visit an art gallery

3. Browse through a book store or the library

4. Go for a walk

5 . Volunteer at an animal shelter

6. Movie Night

7. Watch a movie at home and order take-out

8. Spa Night at home

9. Go biking

10. Go play on a playground at a park

11. Go hiking

12. Go tubing in a stream/river

13. Make kites

14. Have a 99 cent date…don’t spend more!

15. Eat dinner with odd utensils.  Spaghetti is hilarious!

16. Make and take treats to neighbors

17. Take a dance class

18. Have dinner at a campground (or breakfast)

19. Play a board game

20. Run a 5K or do a relay

21. Double date with your parents

22. Have a ping pong or pool tournament, or darts

23. Go rollerblading

24. Picnic at a park

25. Have a water balloon fight

26. Have a whip cream war at a park –you each get a can a whipped cream

27. Bake bread together

28. Go out for breakfast

29. Go to a sporting event

30. Kidnap your date

31. Visit a hospital and cheer someone up

32. Sunrise hike and breakfast

33. Go horseback riding

34. See your city by bus

35. Play night games with friends

36. Go on a double date with siblings

37. Have a BBQ

38. Go to a children’s museum

39. Make homemade ice cream

40. Go to a concert

41. Lazer Tag

42. Go paintballing

43. Berry picking at a local farm

44. Day trip to a waterfall, visitor’s center, historic site, …

45.  Try something you have never tried before

46. Egg or water balloon toss

47. Tandem bikes

48. Go play tennis

49. Boomerangs or Frisbees at a park

50. Disco roller skating

51. Ice block

52. Go on a helicopter or hot air balloon ride

53. Go for a walk in the rain, or go puddle jumping

54. Go sledding

55. Outdoor movie projected on your house

56. Carnival or amusment park

57. Go swimming

58. Go to a water park

59. Public Garden tour

60. Go to a zoo or an aviary

61. Indoor trampoline or gymnastics place

62. Go dance in a parking lot with music from your car

63.  Have a Wii tournament

64. Star gazing or find out when the next meteor shower is in your area

65. Miniature golf

66. Go to a restaurant you have never tried before

67. Bowling

68. Exercise together

69. Visit city fountains

70. Ski or snowboarding

71. Canoe or kayak together

72. Go water skiing

73. Habitat for Humanity—go build together

74. Ice Skating

75. Scuba diving

76. Golf or driving range

77. Take a factory tour

78. Play croquet in the dark with flashlights, or use glow stick necklaces as the hoops

79. Segway tours

80. Pizza party –make your own, as a group date

81. Take a class together (painting, photography, …)

82. Fondue party

83. Sundae making contest

84. Feed ducks at a park

85. Play volleyball

86. Badminton

87. Rock climb

88. Recreate your first date

89. Progressive dinner with friends

90. Garden together

91. Cross Country skiing

92. Walk around a college campus

93. Play basketball

94. Snowmobiling

95. Wash your car together

96. Jet ski

97. Build a snowman

98. Go carts

99. Fly a kite

100. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or a shelter

101. Have a cook-off with specific ingredients

102. Build a snowman

103. See who can find the best item under $10 at garage sales

104. Carve pumpkins

105. Go to an arcade

106. Batting cages

107. Watch homemade movies together

108. Go to the Drive-In

109. Find a DIY project to do together

110. Go to a play

111. Roast s’mores over a fire

112. Horse carriage through the city

113. Go to a farmer’s market

114. Go to a shooting range

115. Visit an orchard

116. Go to an air show

117. Give each other foot massages

118. Go camping

119. Go together to get a massage

120. Transform an old piece of furniture

121. Go to a farmer’s market

122. Petting zoo or a pet store

123. Geo caching

124. Go to a pottery class or sculpting class

125. Go to a hobby store and find something new to try

126. Have a theme night

127. Karaoke

128. Go on a nature trail

129. Visit a local bakery

130. Bring flowers to a Care Center

131. Decorate cakes or cupcakes together

132. Visit an aquarium

133. Make a list of things you love about each other

134. Go on a riverboat cruise

135. Do puzzles together

136. Rent a convertible for a day

137. Go to a comedy club

138. Potluck dinner with friends

139. Play racquetball

140. Visit a museum


Journal Jars–Personal History questions

Journal Jars–Personal History questions

Journal Jars

Life was not meant to be bottled up forever.  This jar is jam-packed with deliciously interesting questions to inspire you to celebrate something very important, you!

RECIPE:   Combine a generous slice of your life history with a dash of nostalgia and several cups of facts and feelings.

If you will follow this simple recipe, you will find you have a delicious, personal history.  All you need to do is draw out one slip of paper at least once a week.  Paste the question to the top of a blank piece of paper and begin to tell all about it.  Spend a few minutes and enjoy remembering.   Tell your story.

adult journal jar prompts

Describe a favorite childhood friend and some fun things you did with her.

Where did you live as a child? (city, country, suburb…)

How many brothers and sisters did you have?  Describe them.  Tell a story about you and each of them.

What things do you enjoy doing today that you also enjoyed as a child?

What color was your house, your bedroom, your living room as a child?

Do you remember any of your four grandparents?  Any great-grandparents?  What were their names?  Any memories you may have?

Describe getting a Christmas tree with your family as a child, how did you decorate it, when did you put it up, etc..

Describe your Sundays.

Tell about your mother—personality, characteristics, stature, talents, family stores about her., etc.

What is the most important lesson, message, or advice you’ve learned that you’d like to pass on for others to profit by?

What are you favorites:  colors, flowers, food, activities, hobbies?

Do you remember any special feelings you had as a child?  Fears, fantasies,…etc?

Describe your favorite dress/outfit.

Describe the downtown of your Childhood at Christmas time.

Tell about your favorite aunt.

Tell about any ancestors you know about, dates, names, (for historical purposes) & any stories about them.

What church callings have you had?  Which did you enjoy the most?

Tell about a frustrating experience you have had.

Describe a childhood birthday.

How do you feel about winning? Losing?

Tell about family reunions.

Did you have a childhood hide-out?  Where? Describe it.

What is your advice to those younger than you?

Did you go camping?  Tell about your experiences.

What is your favorite book?  What do books mean to you?

What were your father’s best traits?  His worst?

What are your food preferences and how did they come about?

What games did you play in your home or neighborhood?

What was your most (really) embarrassing moment?

Tell about a favorite vacation from your childhood.

Write your testimony of the gospel.

Tell about religion practiced in your home,…faith promoting stories, etc.

Do you have a favorite general authority?  Who and why?

How did you feel about school?

Were you ever in a drama, speech, sports, pep, or glee club?  Tell about it.

Do you recall any outstanding family trips or summer outings you experienced as a child?

Describe the most serious illness you have had.

What are you frightened of?  Why?

Have you met or worked with any famous people?  Where?  When?

What are you most precious and deeply embedded values?

Describe your mother’s wedding dress.  What do you know about her wedding?

What is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you?  The worst?

If you could be an animal, which one would you choose and why?

Where is the most exciting place you have been? What made it exciting?

What would you like to be remembered for?

What personality trait do you admire most and why?

What do you think about movies?  What is your favorite movie and why?

Tell about a special date you had with a boyfriend, your fiancé.  Describe a typical day

during your High School years.

What is your greatest joy?  Your greatest sorrow?

Tell about handed-down talents, things your parents taught you,…etc

Did you have a favorite TV show as a child or youth?  Describe it.

What did you do as a child that got you into the most trouble with your parents?  How did they handle it?

Tell about the house(s) you lived in during your childhood.  Do you remember addresses or phone numbers?

Do you have a favorite author?  Who?  Why?  Tell about favorite books as a child.

Tell about your own family traditions: Christmas, birthdays, graduation, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, hunting, funerals, Mothers Day, weddings, etc.

What special things did you do with your father?

Tell about all of the placed you’ve worked.

Describe a typical day as a child in elementary school.

What do you fantasize about being or doing?

Where was a favorite place to go with your family when you were young?

Did it snow where you lived as a child?  What kings of things did you do in it?

Did you have a bicycle?  What was it like?

What did you feel has been the most significant world event that has taken place during

your lifetime and why?

What kids of extracurricular activities did you participate in school?

Describe your conversion to the gospel.

Describe your first home/apartment as a young couple.

Write a want ad that describes your husband/wife.

What kind of lesson do you wish you could have taken (piano, violin…etc..).?

What lessons did you take as a child that have carried over in your adult life?

Describe your first “crush”.  What was he/she like?

What were your fears, expectations, anticipations about getting married?

Were you responsible for any household chores and what were they?  Which did you enjoy the most?  least enjoy?

What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you?

What is the most trying experience that ever happened to you?

What do you remember about the day you were baptized?

Do you like rain storms?  Why or why not?

Do you remember a special birthday party you’ve had given to been to?

Do you have a favorite general authority?  Who and why?

How did you become engaged?

What is the one invention you could not live without and why?

What is your advice to those younger than you?

What special things did you do with your mother?

Did you and your father share any interests?  Tell about your relationship.

What kind of music do you like?

Tell about any pets you had as a child.

Tell about your early romances.

Tell about your teenage social life.

Tell the words of a song from your childhood.  What memories does it bring?

Tell about any conditions surrounding your birth that you are aware of.  Tell any interesting

stories about your beginnings.  (How your name was chosen).

What do you feel is the most significant world event that has taken place during your lifetime and why?

Describe your yard as a child.  Did you help with yard work?

Tell about how, when and where you learned to drive.

Was there a teacher or class that had a great influence on you?

Did you go to college or take any vocational training?

How did you first meet your in-laws?

What is the biggest lesson in life you found to be true?

Tell about your grandchildren—how many?  Names?  How do you feel about being a grandparent?

What church jobs did your parents have?  What do you remember about their church


Tell about the changes you have seen in your lifetime:  society, technology, fashion, fads, morality, politics…etc…

Tell something about each of your children; their personalities, their talents, their traits that make them different and special.

Tell about your civic or political activities.

One word on how to live successfully.

Tell about your life as the children left home—new interests, employment, moves,


Tell about anniversaries.

How did you like being the oldest, youngest, or middle child?

Tell a courtship story about your parents.

Tell about retirement.

Did you have roommates or companions?  Tell about them and the things you learned living with others.

Do you like to go to the theater? Opera? Symphony?

What is your child-rearing philosophy?

What is your secret for good health?

Are there any family heirlooms in your possession?  Tell about them and how you came to acquire them.

How did your mother spend her time?

What was your favorite Saturday activity as a child?

What makes each of your brothers and sisters special?  Be specific.

What is your favorite scripture?  Why?

What brings the most peace and why?

Where would you like to vacation the most and why?

Did you belong to girl/boy scouts or 4-H?

Do you have a close relationship with any of your grandparents?  Tell about it.

Share a principle you have learned, or one you have taught.

What is the most adventuresome thing you have ever done?

Did you have a favorite subject in school?  One you dreaded?

What do you remember about shopping with your mother?  Any particular store?

What is your favorite holiday?  How do you celebrate?

What did your father do for a living?

How old were you and your husband when you were married?  Describe plans and hopes at that time.

Tell about the birth of each of your children.

What political party comes closest to representing your own point of view?

Did you have a favorite toy as a child?  Did it have a name?  What memories are connected with it?

Do you have a special high school or college memory?

Fun Things To Do for Kids

Fun Things To Do for Kids

I am constantly looking for fun things for kids to do, especially to prevent them from sitting in front of a screen (ipad, TV, computer,…) when they are bored.   Here is one of my lists I keep around for my kids.


fly a kite

make up a skit & videotape it

play with bubbles

play hide and seek

make a popsicle in the freezer using your favorite drink

bubble-gum blowing contest


catch 5 different kinds of bugs

read a book

help mom plan the weekly menu

feed the birds bread heels


make a puppet from a paper bag

wash your bike

find five really cool rocks

go to the edge of a golf course & hunt for golf balls

clean your bedroom closet

watermelon seed spitting contest

lay on the grass & look at clouds

re-arrange your room

play tic-tac-toe

play hangman

play in a sandbox & dig a tunnel

get a tape measure & measure different things around the house

make a wish list of places you want to visit this summer

put together a puzzle

make a fort–with couch cushions, boxes, a table, bunkbeds…

have a picnic

make homemade ice cream

write a letter to a grandparent

get a group of friends together & play night games

write a letter to a cousin

make romper-stompers from cans and string

play in the puddles after a heavy rain

hide an “I love you” note under someone’s pillow

play marbles

play with play dough

make something out of a toilet paper roll

make cookies

make up a song & tape record it

make your own matching cards

what can you do with an egg carton

make lemonade

play baseball

play hopscotch

go on a walk

go to the library

make a macaroni necklace

catch a butterfly

play house

sidewalk chalk

play on the computer

jump rope

make a collage of things freeze grapes for a snack

pop popcorn–go outside & see if you can catch a piece in your mouth

run through the sprinklers

fill up squirt bottles with water & have a water fight outside

cook something new

pick up trash in your neighborhood

watch a video

visit someone who is lonely

collect several leaves and make a leaf rubbing with crayons

learn pig-latin

play mail carrier with old junk mail from Mom

plant a seed–watch it grow

trace a friend onto large paper

draw a picture of something in your house

read about your favorite hero

get permission to pick flowers for a dinner centerpiece

paint your fingernails

start a collection of something

go to a movie

make up a dance routine

have a talent show

listen to music

start a club

look at family pictures

sit and think

go for a bike ride

play dolls

spend time with your pet

eat a juicy fruit

make flash cards & practice math

play button, button, who’s got the button

play I Spy

paint with water on the sidewalk

pull ten weeds from your yard or garden

make a list of your ten favorite foods

draw your own comic strip

read a book to a younger sibling

shoot some hoops-play a game of        horse

build something from blocks

play Cat’s in the Cradle with a piece of string

design future house

make paper windmills

make bookmarks — with stamps

make finger puppets

teach a song in a different language

clean liter in park

cross stitch


play with helicopter seeds

carve something out of soap

plant flowers / garden

make goodies for other people

Funny State Laws to share with your kids :)

Funny State Laws to share with your kids :)

In Massachusetts, it`s against the law to put tomatoes in clam chowder.

In Kentucky, there is a law that a person has to take a bath at least once a year.

In the state of Colorado, if your cat goes outside loose it has to wear a tail light.

In Massachusetts, no gorilla is allowed in the backseat of any car.

An Alaska law is that you can`t look at a moose from an air plane.

In North Dakota, it is illegal to lie down to sleep with your shoes or socks on.

In North Carolina, it`s against the law for cats and dogs to get in a fight.

In Arkansas, it’s against the law to mispronounce the name of the state (AR-kan–saw).

In Virginia, the law says that chickens cannot lay eggs before 8:00 a.m., and have to be done before 4:00 p.m.

molting madness

Testimonies of the First Presidency and the Twelve

Testimonies of the First Presidency and the Twelve

President Thomas S. Monson:  “My beloved brothers and sisters, fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith. I declare that God lives and that He hears and answers our prayers. His Son, Jesus Christ, is our Savior and our Redeemer. Heaven’s blessings await us.”


Henry B. Eyring:  “We knew our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son before we came into this life. We felt peace with Them then, and we long to be with Them again, with our families and those we love.”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf:  “I testify that God is in His heaven. He lives. He knows and loves you. He is mindful of you. He hears your prayers and

knows the desires of your heart. He is filled with infinite love for you.”


Boyd K. Packer:  “I bear testimony that Jesus is the Christ. He lives. He directs and leads this Church. Of this I bear solemn testimony.”

L. Tom Perry:  “I know that God lives. I know that we are all His children and that He loves us. I know that He sent His Son to the world to be an atoning sacrifice for all mankind, and those who embrace His gospel and follow Him will enjoy eternal life, the greatest of all gifts of God.”

Russell M. Nelson:  “Wherever I walk, it is my divine calling and sacred privilege to bear fervent testimony of Jesus the Christ. He lives! I love him. Eagerly I follow him, and willingly I offer my life in his service. As his special witness, I solemnly teach of him. I testify of him.”

Dallin H. Oaks:  “I testify that He lives and loves us. I testify that as the Light and Life of the World, He has provided the way for us to return to our heavenly home to enjoy the associations and highest blessings of God our Eternal Father, even eternal life, the greatest of all the gifts of God.”

M. Russell Ballard:  “This is His gospel. He lived for us, and He died for us, because He loves us. I love Him more deeply and powerfully than I can find words to express. He is my Lord, my Savior, my Redeemer, and my friend.”

Richard G. Scott:  “I testify that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is a resurrected being of perfect love and compassion. I witness that He gave His life that we might live eternally with Him and our Father in Heaven and our loved ones….  I know that the Savior lives.”

Robert D. Hales:    “I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that He guides and directs His   Church by revelation through His prophet in this very day and time. If we   will have faith in our Savior, He will see us through our trials.  He lives and knows and loves each one of   us. He so much wants to bless us if we will come unto Him.”

Jeffrey R. Holland:  “I testify that Jesus is the Christ.  I testify of His prophets, seers, and revelators… are at work now, under the guidance of the Savior of us all, in and for our very needful day.”

David A. Bednar:  “I declare my apostolic witness that God lives and that Jesus is the Christ, our living Redeemer and Savior…The heavens are not closed. God speaks to us individually and to the world through the authorized leaders of His latter-day kingdom upon the earth.”

Quentin L. Cook:  “I, with you, am eternally grateful to Jesus Christ, the rescuer of mankind. I bear witness that He is the Savior and Redeemer of the world.”

D. Todd Christofferson:  “I testify that through Christ you will become holy, as He and our Father are holy.   I know Jesus Christ as the living, resurrected Son of God.”

Neil L. Andersen:  “I do know with perfect and certain clarity through the power of the Holy Ghost that Jesus is the Christ, the Beloved Son of God.”

My Family History Book

My Family History Book

My aunt has so much family history information that it is very overwhelming to try to read it all.

I decided to make a Family History book called One-Page-Biographies.  It took a while to condense to the most important information, but I shortened my ancestors histories to something that is easy to read, even for my kids.



Some ancestors I didn’t know much about, so I included anything I could find.  If I didn’t have a photo of them, I included a little picture of where they were from.


I divided my book into four sections, one for each grandparent line.  I included a pedigree chart at the beginning of each section with that grandparent at the beginning of the pedigree.


I am grateful to get to know my ancestors better and see their strengths as they went through their individual hardships.  My love for them has increased.

This book has proved very helpful when needing to look up a specific ancestor story, or to see similarities in appearances (see photo of my brother and my ancestor who look alike).


I made a copy of this book for my siblings, with sheet protectors, so I email them more ancestors as I find them and they can update their binder anytime.

As I started working on this book, things fell into place.  I was able to find more pictures than I thought I would and others were more than helpful to share information they had.


Chosen Generation Quotes

Chosen Generation Quotes

It is not difficult to understand why the great God of heaven has reserved these special spirits for the final work of the kingdom prior to his millennial reign… This generation will face trials and troubles that will exceed those of their pioneer forebears. Our generation has had periods of some respite from the foe. The future generation will have little or none… This is a chosen generation… I believe todays’ [Church’s youth] will lead the youth of the world through the most trying time in history. VAUGHN J. FEATHERSTONE

I meet young people everywhere who are wonderful and faithful; youth who want to do the right thing and who indicate the reality of what I have been saying for a long time, that we’ve never had a better generation of young people in the Church than we have today. They are faithful. They are active. They’re knowledgeable. They are a great generation, notwithstanding the environment in which many of them are growing up. GORDON B. HINCKLEY

Truly, my dear young friends, you are a chosen generation. I hope you will never forget it. I hope you will never take it for granted. I hope there will grow in your hearts an overpowering sense of gratitude to God, who has made it possible for you to come upon the earth in this marvelous season of the world’s history. GORDON B. HINCKLEY

…I return to Peter’s great statement as I make a plea and offer – a challenge: ‘Ye are a chosen generation.’ How very true that is. Notwithstanding all of the problems that we have, this, I believe, is the greatest age in the history of the world. And you young people of this generation are a part of it. You are the beneficiaries of it. Its fruits are here to bless your lives if you will grasp them and live worthy of them… Truly, my dear young friends, you are a chosen generation. I hope you will never forget it. I hope you will never take it for granted. I hope there will grow in your hearts an overpowering sense of gratitude to God, who has made it possible for you to come upon the earth in this marvelous season of the world’s history. GORDON B. HINCKLEY

For nearly six thousand years, God has held you in reserve to make your appearance in the final days before the Second Coming. Every previous gospel dispensation has drifted into apostasy, but ours will not…. God has saved for the final inning some of his strongest children, who will help bear off the kingdom triumphantly. And that is where you come in, for you are the generation that must be prepared to meet your God….” Make no mistake about it you are a marked generation. EZRA TAFT BENSON

All through the ages prophets have looked down through the corridors of time to our day. Billions of the deceased and those yet to be born have their eyes on us. Make no mistake about it…this is a marked generation. There has never been more expected of the faithful in such a short time than there is of us. EZRA TAFT BENSON

…this generation of [youth] is going to do deeds never done before. You are going to accomplish the seemingly impossible because you are on His errand. Your generation will fight the greatest army of Satanic hosts ever assembled. You will be severely out numbered. You will need a deep and abiding faith in Christ to survive-and you will survive. The Lord and his servants will triumph, we do know that. Letter to the Youth of the Church, 9 May 1981

My brothers and sisters, we are a chosen generation. This is the greatest season in the history of the world and we have been blessed to come forward at this time, this greatest of times, of discovery. This is the grandest age of all. During my lifetime, there have been more scientific discoveries than in all the generations that preceded it, and you and I are upon the earth at this time. Beyond all this, we live in a time when the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. This is the dispensation of the fullness of times, when all that the Lord placed upon the earth in prior generations has come forth in this generation, to bless those of us who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. How thankful we ought to be! How anxious we ought to be to do that which the Lord would have us do. Out of the gratitude which we have in our hearts, we ought to be willing to do anything that He asks us–to live the Word of Wisdom, to pay our tithes and offerings to be active in the Church, to carry responsibilities, to reach out to those who come into the Church and help them and friendship them that they may remain true and faithful. My brothers and sisters, “Ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. GORDON B. HINCKLEY

You are of the finest generation that has come to earth. You have prepared yourself well in the premortal existence and have been selected to come forth in this singularly important time in the unfolding of Father in Heaven’s plan. I am deeply moved to be in your presence. I realize that the majority of you do not have the slightest idea of how truly capable, noble, and wonderful you are. RICHARD G. SCOTT 1996
Though we have rightly applauded our ancestors for their spiritual achievements (and do not and must not discount them now), those of us who prevail today will have done no small thing. The special spirits who have been reserved to live in this time of challenges and who overcome will one day be praised for their stamina by those who pulled handcarts. NEAL A. MAXWELL

The simple fact is that our Father did not recommend Eve or Moses or Nephi or countless other magnificent exemplars for this dispensation—He recommended you and me. Do you think God would have left the last days to chance by sending men and women He couldn’t count on? A common theme of patriarchal blessings given to men and women your age is that you were sent now because our Father’s most trustworthy children would be needed in the final, decisive battle for righteousness. That is who you are, and it is who you have always been. SHERI DEW

God has reserved spirits for this dispensation who have the courage and determination to face the world, and all the powers of the evil one, visible and invisible, to proclaim the Gospel, and maintain the truth, and establish and build up the Zion of our God, fearless of all consequences. He has sent these spirits in this generation to lay the foundation of Zion never more to be overthrown, and to raise up a seed that will be righteous, and that will honor God, and honor him supremely, and be obedient to him under all circumstances. GEORGE Q. CANNON (Frist Presidency)

God reserved spirits for this dispensation who would have the courage and the determination to face the world and all the powers of the evil one…and who would build up the Zion of our God, fearless of all consequences. SHERI DEW

We are entering the final stages of a great war. And because of your personal history, you were entrusted to come to the earth in these last days to do again what you did before—to once again choose good over evil, exercise exceedingly great faith, and perform good works—and to do so in behalf of the kingdom of God on the earth and your fellowman! JAMES J. HAMULA

God has saved for the final inning some of His strongest … children, who will help bear off the kingdom triumphantly. THOMAS S. MONSON

Ours is the responsibility to be worthy of all the glorious blessings our Father in Heaven has in store for us. THOMAS S. MONSON

You are … of great faith. You brought your faith with you when you came to the earth. Alma teaches us that in the premortal realms you exhibited “exceeding faith and good works.” You fought with your faith and testimony to defend the plan that was presented by God. You knew the plan was good, and you knew that the Savior would do what He said He would do—because you knew Him! You stood with Him, and you were eager for your opportunity to come to earth. You knew what was going to be required of you. You knew it would be difficult, and yet you were confident not only that you could accomplish your divine mission but that you could make a difference.

You are “choice spirits who were reserved to come forth in the fulness of times to take part in laying the foundations of the great latter-day work, including the building of the temples and the performance of ordinances therein.”

You cannot be a generation of young women who are content to fit in. You must have the courage to stand out, to “arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations.” ELAINE S. DALTON

Do you think for a moment that Heavenly Father would have sent one of His children to this earth by accident, without the possibility of a significant work to perform?…

My dear friends, you are a royal generation. You were preserved to come to the earth in this time for a special purpose. Not just a few of you, but all of you. There are things for each of you to do that no one else can do as well as you. …If you will let Him, I testify that our Father in Heaven will walk with you through the journey of life and inspire you to know your special purpose here. H. BURKE PETERSON

photo (3)

ABC Book

ABC Book

When my children were younger, I made an ABC book for them comprised of family
photos. My kids loved it. It was about 4″ x 5 1/2″, coiled on the side. Here are
a few pages:




If you print the photos on photo paper, the paper is thick enough to last.
I also made another book with pictures of all their cousins, which they loved to look through (especially for the cousins that we don’t see often).
A Best Week

A Best Week

love My Best Week calendar!  It saves me so much time and energy, as well as
keeps me on track with what I need to be doing and to remember the ‘bigger
I have a blank copy here so you can see how I’ve set it up.   My
copy is usually pretty full, with the kids schedules as well.
I usually
print this each week as I add to it our schedules and menus, and then I keep a
folder copy in my purse.  That way I can remember everywhere my kids are
supposed to be, as well as have it to review when I’m sitting in my car waiting
for kids to get out of school.
I have my Goals and my To Do list that I type
into my calendar and they stay on the file until I have accomplished them.
Everything in this calendar is typed, so I can just update my week instead of
re-writing everything.
I find that if I spread my cleaning schedule out
through out my week, it’s less overwhelming. Also, if I deepclean one thing each
week, it makes it easier to stay on top of the housework.
If we are running
low on something, I type it in my Errands box, and the next time I am near that
store, I don’t have to try to remember everything I needed.  It helps me
consolidate my errands as well.  This weekly calendar is a sanity saver for me.
I have a yearly calendar book that I refer to when I add in the new weeks  schedule.

You can add highlighter from Word if it’s something urgent, or colored text to liven things up. It’s great for keeping track of things that happen every week, like piano lessons, spelling tests,…  They can just stay on the calendar.

best week

Mothers and Fathers

President Ezra Taft Benson has offered ten specific suggestions for mothers as they guide their precious children:

1. Take time to always be at the crossroads in the lives of your children, whether they be six or sixteen.
2. Take time to be a real friend to your children.
3. Take time to read to your children.
4. Take time to pray with your children.
5. Take time to have a meaningful weekly home evening.
6. Take time to be together at mealtimes as often as possible.
7. Take time daily to read the scriptures together as a family.
8. Take time to do things together as a family.
9. Take time to teach your children.
10. Take time to truly love your children.
President Ezra Taft Benson has offered ten specific suggestions for fathers:
1. Give father’s blessings to your children.
2. Personally direct family prayers, daily scripture reading, and weekly family home evenings.
3. Whenever possible, attend Church meetings together as a family.
4. Go on daddy-daughter dates and father-and-sons’ outings with your children.
5. Build traditions of family vacations and trips and outings.
6. Have regular one-on-one visits with your children.
7. Teach your children to work, and show them the value of working toward a worthy goal.
8. Encourage good music and art and literature in your homes.
9. As distances allow, regularly attend the temple with your wife.
10. Have your children see your joy and satisfaction in service to the Church.

Family Home Evening

I wonder if having unplanned and infrequent family home evenings will be enough to fortify ourselves and our children with sufficient moral strength to meet the complexities of our day. Infrequent family scripture study may be inadequate to arm ourselves and our children with the virtue necessary to withstand the moral decay of the environment in which we live.

Where in the world will we learn chastity, integrity, honesty, and basic human decency if not at home? These values will, of course, be reinforced at church, but teaching them in family home evening can be particularly consistent and effective. To combat the world’s evil influences, we need the strength that comes from family home evening. . . .

If we go forward with our family home evenings, our homes will be enriched, our wards and branches will grow and prosper, our lives will be purified, and the gates of hell will not prevail against us.

-Elder James E Faust

Broccoli soup

3 cups broccoli, chopped
½ cup celery, diced
½ cup onion, chopped
2 cup chicken broth
4 cup milk
4 Tbs cornstarch
½ tsp salt
Dash pepper
Dash ground thyme
1+ cup grated cheddar cheese

Place vegetables and broth in saucepan.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover, and cook until vegetables are tender~8 minutes.  Mix milk, cornstarch, salt, pepper, and thyme; add to cooked vegetables.  Cook, stirring constantly, until soup is slightly thickened and mixture just begins to boil .  Remove from heat. Add cheese and stir until melted.  Makes 4 one cup servings.