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140 Great Date Ideas

It’s Date Night!  Here is my list that I have added to for years.  

1. Bake cookies

2. Visit an art gallery

3. Browse through a book store or the library

4. Go for a walk

5 . Volunteer at an animal shelter

6. Movie Night

7. Watch a movie at home and order take-out

8. Spa Night at home

9. Go biking

10. Go play on a playground at a park

11. Go hiking

12. Go tubing in a stream/river

13. Make kites

14. Have a 99 cent date…don’t spend more!

15. Eat dinner with odd utensils.  Spaghetti is hilarious!

16. Make and take treats to neighbors

17. Take a dance class

18. Have dinner at a campground (or breakfast)

19. Play a board game

20. Run a 5K or do a relay

21. Double date with your parents

22. Have a ping pong or pool tournament, or darts

23. Go rollerblading

24. Picnic at a park

25. Have a water balloon fight

26. Have a whip cream war at a park –you each get a can a whipped cream

27. Bake bread together

28. Go out for breakfast

29. Go to a sporting event

30. Kidnap your date

31. Visit a hospital and cheer someone up

32. Sunrise hike and breakfast

33. Go horseback riding

34. See your city by bus

35. Play night games with friends

36. Go on a double date with siblings

37. Have a BBQ

38. Go to a children’s museum

39. Make homemade ice cream

40. Go to a concert

41. Lazer Tag

42. Go paintballing

43. Berry picking at a local farm

44. Day trip to a waterfall, visitor’s center, historic site, …

45.  Try something you have never tried before

46. Egg or water balloon toss

47. Tandem bikes

48. Go play tennis

49. Boomerangs or Frisbees at a park

50. Disco roller skating

51. Ice block

52. Go on a helicopter or hot air balloon ride

53. Go for a walk in the rain, or go puddle jumping

54. Go sledding

55. Outdoor movie projected on your house

56. Carnival or amusment park

57. Go swimming

58. Go to a water park

59. Public Garden tour

60. Go to a zoo or an aviary

61. Indoor trampoline or gymnastics place

62. Go dance in a parking lot with music from your car

63.  Have a Wii tournament

64. Star gazing or find out when the next meteor shower is in your area

65. Miniature golf

66. Go to a restaurant you have never tried before

67. Bowling

68. Exercise together

69. Visit city fountains

70. Ski or snowboarding

71. Canoe or kayak together

72. Go water skiing

73. Habitat for Humanity—go build together

74. Ice Skating

75. Scuba diving

76. Golf or driving range

77. Take a factory tour

78. Play croquet in the dark with flashlights, or use glow stick necklaces as the hoops

79. Segway tours

80. Pizza party –make your own, as a group date

81. Take a class together (painting, photography, …)

82. Fondue party

83. Sundae making contest

84. Feed ducks at a park

85. Play volleyball

86. Badminton

87. Rock climb

88. Recreate your first date

89. Progressive dinner with friends

90. Garden together

91. Cross Country skiing

92. Walk around a college campus

93. Play basketball

94. Snowmobiling

95. Wash your car together

96. Jet ski

97. Build a snowman

98. Go carts

99. Fly a kite

100. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or a shelter

101. Have a cook-off with specific ingredients

102. Build a snowman

103. See who can find the best item under $10 at garage sales

104. Carve pumpkins

105. Go to an arcade

106. Batting cages

107. Watch homemade movies together

108. Go to the Drive-In

109. Find a DIY project to do together

110. Go to a play

111. Roast s’mores over a fire

112. Horse carriage through the city

113. Go to a farmer’s market

114. Go to a shooting range

115. Visit an orchard

116. Go to an air show

117. Give each other foot massages

118. Go camping

119. Go together to get a massage

120. Transform an old piece of furniture

121. Go to a farmer’s market

122. Petting zoo or a pet store

123. Geo caching

124. Go to a pottery class or sculpting class

125. Go to a hobby store and find something new to try

126. Have a theme night

127. Karaoke

128. Go on a nature trail

129. Visit a local bakery

130. Bring flowers to a Care Center

131. Decorate cakes or cupcakes together

132. Visit an aquarium

133. Make a list of things you love about each other

134. Go on a riverboat cruise

135. Do puzzles together

136. Rent a convertible for a day

137. Go to a comedy club

138. Potluck dinner with friends

139. Play racquetball

140. Visit a museum


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