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Fun Things To Do for Kids

I am constantly looking for fun things for kids to do, especially to prevent them from sitting in front of a screen (ipad, TV, computer,…) when they are bored.   Here is one of my lists I keep around for my kids.


fly a kite

make up a skit & videotape it

play with bubbles

play hide and seek

make a popsicle in the freezer using your favorite drink

bubble-gum blowing contest


catch 5 different kinds of bugs

read a book

help mom plan the weekly menu

feed the birds bread heels


make a puppet from a paper bag

wash your bike

find five really cool rocks

go to the edge of a golf course & hunt for golf balls

clean your bedroom closet

watermelon seed spitting contest

lay on the grass & look at clouds

re-arrange your room

play tic-tac-toe

play hangman

play in a sandbox & dig a tunnel

get a tape measure & measure different things around the house

make a wish list of places you want to visit this summer

put together a puzzle

make a fort–with couch cushions, boxes, a table, bunkbeds…

have a picnic

make homemade ice cream

write a letter to a grandparent

get a group of friends together & play night games

write a letter to a cousin

make romper-stompers from cans and string

play in the puddles after a heavy rain

hide an “I love you” note under someone’s pillow

play marbles

play with play dough

make something out of a toilet paper roll

make cookies

make up a song & tape record it

make your own matching cards

what can you do with an egg carton

make lemonade

play baseball

play hopscotch

go on a walk

go to the library

make a macaroni necklace

catch a butterfly

play house

sidewalk chalk

play on the computer

jump rope

make a collage of things freeze grapes for a snack

pop popcorn–go outside & see if you can catch a piece in your mouth

run through the sprinklers

fill up squirt bottles with water & have a water fight outside

cook something new

pick up trash in your neighborhood

watch a video

visit someone who is lonely

collect several leaves and make a leaf rubbing with crayons

learn pig-latin

play mail carrier with old junk mail from Mom

plant a seed–watch it grow

trace a friend onto large paper

draw a picture of something in your house

read about your favorite hero

get permission to pick flowers for a dinner centerpiece

paint your fingernails

start a collection of something

go to a movie

make up a dance routine

have a talent show

listen to music

start a club

look at family pictures

sit and think

go for a bike ride

play dolls

spend time with your pet

eat a juicy fruit

make flash cards & practice math

play button, button, who’s got the button

play I Spy

paint with water on the sidewalk

pull ten weeds from your yard or garden

make a list of your ten favorite foods

draw your own comic strip

read a book to a younger sibling

shoot some hoops-play a game of        horse

build something from blocks

play Cat’s in the Cradle with a piece of string

design future house

make paper windmills

make bookmarks — with stamps

make finger puppets

teach a song in a different language

clean liter in park

cross stitch


play with helicopter seeds

carve something out of soap

plant flowers / garden

make goodies for other people

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