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Increasing Productivity

to-do-list Some ways I increase my PRODUCTIVITY:

1—I do the tasks I would most likely procrastinate FIRST.  When I do the tasks I don’t want to do first, I can ‘reward’ myself with doing a task I don’t mind as much.  For example, if I don’t want to clean the bathrooms, I clean them before I can sit on my bed folding laundry (a chore I don’t mind as much).   When I start with a pleasant task, I usually never make it to the less-pleasant ones that need to be done.

2—Also, for a daily task I don’t like, I have found time blocking to also be effective.  I don’t like cleaning the kitchen every day, nor do I like feeling like I spent all morning cleaning the kitchen while I have so many other things I also need to do.  I set aside 20 minutes and tell myself I only have to clean it for that long.  Usually it doesn’t bother me to clean a little longer after I got started.

3–There are some tasks or jobs that seem overwhelming that I don’t even do the task because I am stressed.  I have to remind myself to just get something started, and then the rest usually flows.  If I get out the supplies I need and set them on the counter, or make the phone call I need to,…etc… then the project seems less daunting once I’ve started my ‘baby steps’.

4–Get the small tasks out of the way.  If it is a short task, it is easier to get it done than it is to go write it on my To Do list.  If it takes just a couple minutes, do it now.

5–Also, I run my errands in batches.  On my calendar, I keep a running tally of things I need at the store or errands to run.  The weekly calendar is in my purse, so if I happen to be near a store I need, I can see what I need and take care of it while I’m nearby.  That list also helps me not forget something and have to make an extra trip back to the store.

My dad taught me to group my errands together to save time.  Instead of driving across town for one thing, I usually keep that errand until I have more errands in that part of town.


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