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Marshmallow Catapult

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You gotta make these marshmallow catapults!  So much fun!

Wide popsicle sticks, water bottle or soda lid glued on one stick, and a bunch of rubber bands.

We had fun launching marshmallows and trying to catch them in our mouths, or some of my children wanted to guarantee catching a  marshmallow so they launched them directly into their own mouths.



Big jumbo popsicle sticks

Lid from a water bottle or soda pop



Use a glue gun to attach the lid to a popsicle stick, leaving a little room on the end for your finger to push the catapult down before launching.

Put four or five popsicle sticks together and bind them on each end with rubberbands.

Stack these sticks:

the popsicle stick with the lid on it,

then the four or five stack–perpendicular to the top stick,

then another stick underneath that is parrallel to the lid stick.

Attach these together in the middle with a rubberband.  I made my rubberband cross over the top.

Then have someone hold those sticks while you attach with rubbberbands the ends of the top and bottom sticks.  Use multiple rubberbands if needed, and make it tight.  Get some mini marshmallows and you’re all set to launch!



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