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FHE Love

FHE Love

My 14-year-old daughter did FHE last night.  She did a great job, so I thought I’d pass along the FHE.

She had prepared an opening song, lesson, scripture, story, and dessert.

Usually we each do a part of FHE, but she did it all this time.


Song:  “Give Said the Little Stream”

Scripture:  Mosiah 2:17

Story:  The Candy Bomber.  My daughter made little parachutes with candy attached after she told the story.  http://www.capmembers.com/media/cms/Uncle_Wiggly_Halvorsen_Story_LR_E5143D25300A3.pdf

Then she gave us a piece of papers, where we each wrote a goal of how we can serve more at home, at school, at church, and in our community specifically.

For dessert, she had made pudding.

She served it with a long spoon.

photo (7)

We couldn’t reach our own mouths.

Then we learned to serve and help others.

photo (8)



General Conference

General Conference

I can’t wait for General Conference!

I made a poster for my children inspired from this blog:


and this one


She has the printouts as well.

photo (5)

I laminated it to make it last for several conferences.

St Patty’s Day

St Patty’s Day

I never know how to celebrate St. Patrick’s day.  I occasionally dye the milk green and then no one drinks it.

I occasionally put green food coloring in the toilet, but then have to explain it too much to make it funny.

This year, I will put this cute note by each of my children’s bed where they will see it when they get up in the morning.

photo (2)

Then I found some green candy to tuck into their shoes.

photo (4)

Simple. Fun.  No complaints of green dyed food.  :)



Big Face

Big Face

IMG_6872 IMG_6878


All you need is a marker, a book, and flexible kids.  :)