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FHE –Spiritual Safety

FHE –Spiritual Safety

This was a very easy and fun Family Home Evening.

We thought of 5 things we can do each day to keep up spiritually safe. We wrote each one on a paper plate.  (scripture study, prayer, being worthy of and listening to the Holy Ghost, keeping the commandments, repentance, …).   You could add more, but I wanted us to help each other and be a little squished.  :)

The first person laid the plate down and stepped on it.  We made a trail and then the last person had to pick up the last plate and pass it forward to the front person.

IMG_0264 (2) (1)

We then tried to get across our driveway by only stepping on the paper plates.  We have 7 people in our family, so we had to help one another along.  When we got a little wobbly, huddling together, my husband decided to be an ‘unseen’ angel that helps us along our path.

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April Fools Day

April Fools Day

I was out of town for April Fools Day, so I didn’t get the momentum I needed to pull off something grand.

So this is what my kids get surprised with this year…

Happy Holidays! :)

1 2 3

General Conference

General Conference

I can’t wait for General Conference!

I made a poster for my children inspired from this blog:


and this one


She has the printouts as well.

photo (5)

I laminated it to make it last for several conferences.

Big Face

Big Face

IMG_6872 IMG_6878


All you need is a marker, a book, and flexible kids.  :)

Fun Bookmarks

Fun Bookmarks


photo (1)

My kids made some fun bookmarks.  Most of them went to Grandma as gifts.  :)

Take a photo of kids pretending to hang on to something, cut out their body (the least favorite part of the project), and laminate it.  I used contact paper, but it wasn’t as clear to see their faces.  I wish I had laminated it.

Punch a hole in the photo through their hands and thread a ribbon or bookmark tassel through.  I found a bulk package of 25 tassels on eBay for a couple of dollars.

My kids gave most of the bookmarks away before I got a photo, so I’ve included some of our favorite photos we used instead of the actual bookmark photo.

IMG_5403 IMG_5402 IMG_5398 IMG_5396 IMG_5394 IMG_5386




photo (14)

I hid 40 Valentine pictures of me all around the house for the kids to find Valentines Day morning.

They found them in the fridge, poking up between couch cushions, in a jar in the pantry, tucked in a house plant, on the windshield of the car, in their homework folders, stuck on a mirror, …  They loved running around finding them all.

Marshmallow Catapult

Marshmallow Catapult

IMG_5306   IMG_5311     IMG_5338 IMG_5347

You gotta make these marshmallow catapults!  So much fun!

Wide popsicle sticks, water bottle or soda lid glued on one stick, and a bunch of rubber bands.

We had fun launching marshmallows and trying to catch them in our mouths, or some of my children wanted to guarantee catching a  marshmallow so they launched them directly into their own mouths.



Big jumbo popsicle sticks

Lid from a water bottle or soda pop



Use a glue gun to attach the lid to a popsicle stick, leaving a little room on the end for your finger to push the catapult down before launching.

Put four or five popsicle sticks together and bind them on each end with rubberbands.

Stack these sticks:

the popsicle stick with the lid on it,

then the four or five stack–perpendicular to the top stick,

then another stick underneath that is parrallel to the lid stick.

Attach these together in the middle with a rubberband.  I made my rubberband cross over the top.

Then have someone hold those sticks while you attach with rubbberbands the ends of the top and bottom sticks.  Use multiple rubberbands if needed, and make it tight.  Get some mini marshmallows and you’re all set to launch!



Date Night

Date Night


I doorbell ditched this on my porch when my husband was home.

He used the dart to pop each balloon to find the words I had put inside the balloons–

one word in each balloon asking him on a date. :)

He loved it.

Soon I will post my list of creative ways to ask out dates, like I did in high school.

Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

This gallery contains 51 images.

Birthday Cards

My Amazing Mother writes cards to her children and grandchildren for their birthday.  Inside the card, she writes their name horizontally and writes some great things about the child with their letters of their name.   Often it has characteristics of the child included.

Here is an example for the name Jane Smith:

An important and  exciting
Number  is
Eleven this year for  you!
The best year of   your
Hole (whole!)   life!
Just having
A person like you in our family is
Nifty and
Exciting for us. We wish you
Such a delightful Happy Birthday! The
Most fun ever!
It’s cool how you make
The best of everything and stay so
Happy. Wow! We love you! Happy Birthday!
We love you! and Happy Birthday!
We love Grandma Z’s cards and we love Grandma Z!!
Marvelous Manners

Marvelous Manners


We had a fun way to help kids to remember good manners.  I got a little trophy and had the words “Marvelous Manners” put on it.  (~$5 total).  You can have anything you want put on it.

Every dinner, my husband and I would watch for someone who showed good manners and awarded them the trophy at the end of dinner.

They got to keep the trophy in their room for a day, until the next dinner.  My kids LOVED it!   And it really helped them to remember to be aware of their manners and chew with their mouths closed, stay in their seats, saying please and thank you, …


Minute to Win It Party

Minute to Win It Party

We had a Minute To Win It Party for my daughter’s birthday.  It was a BLAST!

We played the games, usually without a stopwatch.  We had teams compete to see who can accomplish the task first.  Get your camera ready!

Divide the participants into teams.  They all play Face the Cookie (with a prize for the one winner), then they play as teams with a few contestants to play each game.  They can take turns who gets to play and may not even know what the contest is before they volunteer to play it.

We had these games:

Face the Cookie– Using only the face, move cookies from the forehead to the mouth.

IMG_5429 IMG_5419

Breakfast Challenge–Assemble the cereal box puzzle as fast as you can.  (We timed this one and just had one puzzle).

Head Bowling—Keep feet together and swing orange to tip over water bottles.


Ping Pong Race–Using a measuring tape, set at 4 feet, send a ping-pong ball into a cup.  It’s harder than it looks. You can change the measurements to make it harder.


Ping Pong Shake– Wiggle a box that is attached to your waist filled with ping-pong balls until the box is empty.


Bag This– Pick up paper bags of varying heights using only the mouth.  Nothing can touch the floor except their feet when they are bending over.

IMG_3949 IMG_5490

This Blows– Player must continually blow up a balloon and expel the air from it to knock cups off of a table.


Ping-Pong Blow—Players blow off a ping-pong ball from a cup full of water into another cup.


Cotton Nose– Player must transfer cotton balls, 1 at a time from 1 serving bowl to another using only petroleum jelly on the nose.


Penny Hose– Player must remove 1 penny from each leg of a pair of panty hose using only their hands.  They cannot pull at the nylons with arms or knees.


Stack ‘Em cups– Player must stack 10 plastic cups into a perfect triangle-shaped structure. Once that’s completed, player must get the cups back into a single stack.


I made a big poster for the scoreboard.

Then we finished the party with a Saltine War.  Best. Game. Ever.   Everyone plays.

Saltine War—Thread fishing line through the center of a saltine cracker and tie.  Then tie the line to a belt loop (or around the waist if there is no belt loop) so the cracker hangs a couple of inches above the left knee (If they are left-handed, do it above the right knee).  Everyone gets a ½ water noodle sword and are instructed to only hit legs as they try to break other people’s saltines before their own gets broken and they are out of the game.  You may keep playing if you have any saltine hanging on your line.


For these games, you would need:  cookies, nylons, tissue boxes (I attached them with strips of fabric through a slit in the back), a big box of ping-pong balls, cotton balls, petroleum jelly, pennies, paper bags, big red plastic cups, bottles of water (a case), and a few oranges.   For the saltine war, you need fishing line, water noodles, and saltines.

Most of the supplies, you can reuse several times.  So far, we’ve used them for multiple parties, group dates, and a few family reunions.



Food Fear Factor


We had a Food Fear Factor with a bunch of vegetables we rarely eat or have never tried.

My kids could rate each food with a Yum, Okay, or Yuck.


I was pleasantly surprised to see my kids try everything I had brought!

They loved it and were surprised by which foods they actually liked.


Since then, my children have been more brave when it comes to trying new foods.

(My 8 year old now even tries to mix foods together.  His latest concoction was pomegranate seeds on his chicken and rice.)


Restaurant at Home

My kids LOVE to have a Restaurant at Home.  I’m usually the Chef and the kids rotate turns on who gets to be the server.  We do this about once a month, and it’s a great way to get rid of leftovers or clean out the freezer.   Another bonus: my kids seem to have better manners at our Home Restaurant. ;)

The rest of the family goes outside and then rings the doorbell. They are greated by the server who seats them and gives them a menu.

When it was my five year old’s turn, she wanted a picture menu so she could just circle what people wanted.


We usually have several main dishes and then a bunch of vegetables to pick from.


My 14 year old printed some coloring pages for the kids to color while they were waiting for their food.


140 Great Date Ideas

140 Great Date Ideas

It’s Date Night!  Here is my list that I have added to for years.  

1. Bake cookies

2. Visit an art gallery

3. Browse through a book store or the library

4. Go for a walk

5 . Volunteer at an animal shelter

6. Movie Night

7. Watch a movie at home and order take-out

8. Spa Night at home

9. Go biking

10. Go play on a playground at a park

11. Go hiking

12. Go tubing in a stream/river

13. Make kites

14. Have a 99 cent date…don’t spend more!

15. Eat dinner with odd utensils.  Spaghetti is hilarious!

16. Make and take treats to neighbors

17. Take a dance class

18. Have dinner at a campground (or breakfast)

19. Play a board game

20. Run a 5K or do a relay

21. Double date with your parents

22. Have a ping pong or pool tournament, or darts

23. Go rollerblading

24. Picnic at a park

25. Have a water balloon fight

26. Have a whip cream war at a park –you each get a can a whipped cream

27. Bake bread together

28. Go out for breakfast

29. Go to a sporting event

30. Kidnap your date

31. Visit a hospital and cheer someone up

32. Sunrise hike and breakfast

33. Go horseback riding

34. See your city by bus

35. Play night games with friends

36. Go on a double date with siblings

37. Have a BBQ

38. Go to a children’s museum

39. Make homemade ice cream

40. Go to a concert

41. Lazer Tag

42. Go paintballing

43. Berry picking at a local farm

44. Day trip to a waterfall, visitor’s center, historic site, …

45.  Try something you have never tried before

46. Egg or water balloon toss

47. Tandem bikes

48. Go play tennis

49. Boomerangs or Frisbees at a park

50. Disco roller skating

51. Ice block

52. Go on a helicopter or hot air balloon ride

53. Go for a walk in the rain, or go puddle jumping

54. Go sledding

55. Outdoor movie projected on your house

56. Carnival or amusment park

57. Go swimming

58. Go to a water park

59. Public Garden tour

60. Go to a zoo or an aviary

61. Indoor trampoline or gymnastics place

62. Go dance in a parking lot with music from your car

63.  Have a Wii tournament

64. Star gazing or find out when the next meteor shower is in your area

65. Miniature golf

66. Go to a restaurant you have never tried before

67. Bowling

68. Exercise together

69. Visit city fountains

70. Ski or snowboarding

71. Canoe or kayak together

72. Go water skiing

73. Habitat for Humanity—go build together

74. Ice Skating

75. Scuba diving

76. Golf or driving range

77. Take a factory tour

78. Play croquet in the dark with flashlights, or use glow stick necklaces as the hoops

79. Segway tours

80. Pizza party –make your own, as a group date

81. Take a class together (painting, photography, …)

82. Fondue party

83. Sundae making contest

84. Feed ducks at a park

85. Play volleyball

86. Badminton

87. Rock climb

88. Recreate your first date

89. Progressive dinner with friends

90. Garden together

91. Cross Country skiing

92. Walk around a college campus

93. Play basketball

94. Snowmobiling

95. Wash your car together

96. Jet ski

97. Build a snowman

98. Go carts

99. Fly a kite

100. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or a shelter

101. Have a cook-off with specific ingredients

102. Build a snowman

103. See who can find the best item under $10 at garage sales

104. Carve pumpkins

105. Go to an arcade

106. Batting cages

107. Watch homemade movies together

108. Go to the Drive-In

109. Find a DIY project to do together

110. Go to a play

111. Roast s’mores over a fire

112. Horse carriage through the city

113. Go to a farmer’s market

114. Go to a shooting range

115. Visit an orchard

116. Go to an air show

117. Give each other foot massages

118. Go camping

119. Go together to get a massage

120. Transform an old piece of furniture

121. Go to a farmer’s market

122. Petting zoo or a pet store

123. Geo caching

124. Go to a pottery class or sculpting class

125. Go to a hobby store and find something new to try

126. Have a theme night

127. Karaoke

128. Go on a nature trail

129. Visit a local bakery

130. Bring flowers to a Care Center

131. Decorate cakes or cupcakes together

132. Visit an aquarium

133. Make a list of things you love about each other

134. Go on a riverboat cruise

135. Do puzzles together

136. Rent a convertible for a day

137. Go to a comedy club

138. Potluck dinner with friends

139. Play racquetball

140. Visit a museum


Fun Things To Do for Kids

Fun Things To Do for Kids

I am constantly looking for fun things for kids to do, especially to prevent them from sitting in front of a screen (ipad, TV, computer,…) when they are bored.   Here is one of my lists I keep around for my kids.


fly a kite

make up a skit & videotape it

play with bubbles

play hide and seek

make a popsicle in the freezer using your favorite drink

bubble-gum blowing contest


catch 5 different kinds of bugs

read a book

help mom plan the weekly menu

feed the birds bread heels


make a puppet from a paper bag

wash your bike

find five really cool rocks

go to the edge of a golf course & hunt for golf balls

clean your bedroom closet

watermelon seed spitting contest

lay on the grass & look at clouds

re-arrange your room

play tic-tac-toe

play hangman

play in a sandbox & dig a tunnel

get a tape measure & measure different things around the house

make a wish list of places you want to visit this summer

put together a puzzle

make a fort–with couch cushions, boxes, a table, bunkbeds…

have a picnic

make homemade ice cream

write a letter to a grandparent

get a group of friends together & play night games

write a letter to a cousin

make romper-stompers from cans and string

play in the puddles after a heavy rain

hide an “I love you” note under someone’s pillow

play marbles

play with play dough

make something out of a toilet paper roll

make cookies

make up a song & tape record it

make your own matching cards

what can you do with an egg carton

make lemonade

play baseball

play hopscotch

go on a walk

go to the library

make a macaroni necklace

catch a butterfly

play house

sidewalk chalk

play on the computer

jump rope

make a collage of things freeze grapes for a snack

pop popcorn–go outside & see if you can catch a piece in your mouth

run through the sprinklers

fill up squirt bottles with water & have a water fight outside

cook something new

pick up trash in your neighborhood

watch a video

visit someone who is lonely

collect several leaves and make a leaf rubbing with crayons

learn pig-latin

play mail carrier with old junk mail from Mom

plant a seed–watch it grow

trace a friend onto large paper

draw a picture of something in your house

read about your favorite hero

get permission to pick flowers for a dinner centerpiece

paint your fingernails

start a collection of something

go to a movie

make up a dance routine

have a talent show

listen to music

start a club

look at family pictures

sit and think

go for a bike ride

play dolls

spend time with your pet

eat a juicy fruit

make flash cards & practice math

play button, button, who’s got the button

play I Spy

paint with water on the sidewalk

pull ten weeds from your yard or garden

make a list of your ten favorite foods

draw your own comic strip

read a book to a younger sibling

shoot some hoops-play a game of        horse

build something from blocks

play Cat’s in the Cradle with a piece of string

design future house

make paper windmills

make bookmarks — with stamps

make finger puppets

teach a song in a different language

clean liter in park

cross stitch


play with helicopter seeds

carve something out of soap

plant flowers / garden

make goodies for other people

Funny State Laws to share with your kids :)

Funny State Laws to share with your kids :)

In Massachusetts, it`s against the law to put tomatoes in clam chowder.

In Kentucky, there is a law that a person has to take a bath at least once a year.

In the state of Colorado, if your cat goes outside loose it has to wear a tail light.

In Massachusetts, no gorilla is allowed in the backseat of any car.

An Alaska law is that you can`t look at a moose from an air plane.

In North Dakota, it is illegal to lie down to sleep with your shoes or socks on.

In North Carolina, it`s against the law for cats and dogs to get in a fight.

In Arkansas, it’s against the law to mispronounce the name of the state (AR-kan–saw).

In Virginia, the law says that chickens cannot lay eggs before 8:00 a.m., and have to be done before 4:00 p.m.

molting madness

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