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Increasing Productivity

Increasing Productivity

to-do-list Some ways I increase my PRODUCTIVITY:

1—I do the tasks I would most likely procrastinate FIRST.  When I do the tasks I don’t want to do first, I can ‘reward’ myself with doing a task I don’t mind as much.  For example, if I don’t want to clean the bathrooms, I clean them before I can sit on my bed folding laundry (a chore I don’t mind as much).   When I start with a pleasant task, I usually never make it to the less-pleasant ones that need to be done.

2—Also, for a daily task I don’t like, I have found time blocking to also be effective.  I don’t like cleaning the kitchen every day, nor do I like feeling like I spent all morning cleaning the kitchen while I have so many other things I also need to do.  I set aside 20 minutes and tell myself I only have to clean it for that long.  Usually it doesn’t bother me to clean a little longer after I got started.

3–There are some tasks or jobs that seem overwhelming that I don’t even do the task because I am stressed.  I have to remind myself to just get something started, and then the rest usually flows.  If I get out the supplies I need and set them on the counter, or make the phone call I need to,…etc… then the project seems less daunting once I’ve started my ‘baby steps’.

4–Get the small tasks out of the way.  If it is a short task, it is easier to get it done than it is to go write it on my To Do list.  If it takes just a couple minutes, do it now.

5–Also, I run my errands in batches.  On my calendar, I keep a running tally of things I need at the store or errands to run.  The weekly calendar is in my purse, so if I happen to be near a store I need, I can see what I need and take care of it while I’m nearby.  That list also helps me not forget something and have to make an extra trip back to the store.

My dad taught me to group my errands together to save time.  Instead of driving across town for one thing, I usually keep that errand until I have more errands in that part of town.


Food Storage

Food Storage


In the past, my family would acquire a year and a half of food storage and then we would not think about it for a while.  Every time  I needed to see how much food we had, it was like I had to start over on figuring out how much we had and what we needed, and if we had enough for my growing family.

  food storage

I finally made a chart where I tallied up what we had, and filled in the gaps with what we needed by hitting case lot sales.  Then I placed a chart on the door to our food storage room which was marked every time we used something from that room.  If we used a can of black beans, we would make a hash mark by that item on the list.  Now I take the list with me to the store every six months and stock up on what we use the most of instead of randomly guessing what we might need.

  food stor


Suggested amounts of basic foods for home storage (from an official letter from Church Headquarters):

Per adult for one year:

Grains: 400 lb

Legumes: 60 lbs (beans, split peas, lentils, etc.)

Powdered milk: 16 lbs

Cooking oil: 10 qts.

Sugar or honey: 60 lbs

Salt: 8 lbs

Water (2 weeks): 14 gallons

See also http://www.providentliving.com for suggestions

School Papers

School Papers

image-1 (2) image-1

Instead of keeping everything my preschoolers and kindergarten children bring home, I take photos of their papers at the end of each school year. I spread out their papers on the floor and then stand on a chair to take the photos.   It’s usually 5-6 photos that I can put on one scrapbook page.  Then I pick my 5 favorite pieces of work to slide in the scrapbook as well.

Keep in mind these photos were scanned in and blown up, so normally it’s easier to read the papers and see the schoolwork.

A Best Week

A Best Week

love My Best Week calendar!  It saves me so much time and energy, as well as
keeps me on track with what I need to be doing and to remember the ‘bigger
I have a blank copy here so you can see how I’ve set it up.   My
copy is usually pretty full, with the kids schedules as well.
I usually
print this each week as I add to it our schedules and menus, and then I keep a
folder copy in my purse.  That way I can remember everywhere my kids are
supposed to be, as well as have it to review when I’m sitting in my car waiting
for kids to get out of school.
I have my Goals and my To Do list that I type
into my calendar and they stay on the file until I have accomplished them.
Everything in this calendar is typed, so I can just update my week instead of
re-writing everything.
I find that if I spread my cleaning schedule out
through out my week, it’s less overwhelming. Also, if I deepclean one thing each
week, it makes it easier to stay on top of the housework.
If we are running
low on something, I type it in my Errands box, and the next time I am near that
store, I don’t have to try to remember everything I needed.  It helps me
consolidate my errands as well.  This weekly calendar is a sanity saver for me.
I have a yearly calendar book that I refer to when I add in the new weeks  schedule.

You can add highlighter from Word if it’s something urgent, or colored text to liven things up. It’s great for keeping track of things that happen every week, like piano lessons, spelling tests,…  They can just stay on the calendar.

best week