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St Patty’s Day

St Patty’s Day

I never know how to celebrate St. Patrick’s day.  I occasionally dye the milk green and then no one drinks it.

I occasionally put green food coloring in the toilet, but then have to explain it too much to make it funny.

This year, I will put this cute note by each of my children’s bed where they will see it when they get up in the morning.

photo (2)

Then I found some green candy to tuck into their shoes.

photo (4)

Simple. Fun.  No complaints of green dyed food.  :)



My Family History Book

My Family History Book

My aunt has so much family history information that it is very overwhelming to try to read it all.

I decided to make a Family History book called One-Page-Biographies.  It took a while to condense to the most important information, but I shortened my ancestors histories to something that is easy to read, even for my kids.



Some ancestors I didn’t know much about, so I included anything I could find.  If I didn’t have a photo of them, I included a little picture of where they were from.


I divided my book into four sections, one for each grandparent line.  I included a pedigree chart at the beginning of each section with that grandparent at the beginning of the pedigree.


I am grateful to get to know my ancestors better and see their strengths as they went through their individual hardships.  My love for them has increased.

This book has proved very helpful when needing to look up a specific ancestor story, or to see similarities in appearances (see photo of my brother and my ancestor who look alike).


I made a copy of this book for my siblings, with sheet protectors, so I email them more ancestors as I find them and they can update their binder anytime.

As I started working on this book, things fell into place.  I was able to find more pictures than I thought I would and others were more than helpful to share information they had.